Welcome to the Hammond Law Firm.


In 18 years of law practice, Erin Hammond has accomplished a lot:

  • President of the Washington Defense Trial Lawyers;

  • Chair of the Washington State Bar Association's Trial Advocacy Program;

  • Numerous Awards and Accolades;

  • Local and National Publications;

  • Invitations to Speak to Lawyers and to Health Care Providers;

  • Service on Blue Ribbon Panel Addressing Health Care Liability Issues;

  • Collegial Relationships with a Host of Lawyers and Other Professionals.

But the thing that matters more than any of that to Erin is the service she has provided to clients.  Each day has brought the opportunity to connect with clients, helping them through what can be a confusing and difficult, high stakes time. Client service combined with exceptional lawyering is what the Hammond Law Firm is all about.